For Father’s Day this year we are celebrating the awesome attractiveness of all the single dads who are there for their children and just keep showing up. 

If you’re lucky enough to meet a great single guy who happens to be a great dad, hold on to him! Here are 8 great reasons why you should:

1. If you’re a single parent too, he’ll just get it.

He’ll understand that your kids always come first and that your schedule may change and that it’s HARD.  You won’t need to explain any of this or have any of those awkward conversations about it.

2. His time is precious

He may often be busy with his children which means he doesn’t have time to mess around. Therefore you won’t be messed around and he’ll want to make the most of his time with you. Win/win.

3. He’s an actual grown up

Nothing helps us grow up more quickly than a dependent child – are we right?! Some people deludedly think they’re the centre of the universe and expect a partner to treat them that way – not your average single dad!

4. He’s learned to be good at listening

Sensitive listening in all sorts of conversation is an essential skill which parents practice with their children every day, all the better for those important relationship conversations!

5. He’s reliable

If he’s a great single dad he knows how important it is that his child can rely on him. He understands what it means to let people down. And he’ll probably have a much more predictable schedule so you can count on him to show up when he says he’s going to. 

6. He won’t rush things 

Single dads are more likely to take it slow because they need to make sure you’re compatible before they introduce you to their kid. If you have kids too, they’ll understand that being introduced to the kids is a big step in your relationship. You won’t be rushed into making big decisions like this. 

7. He’ll appreciate the good

He might have been through hardship or heartbreak on his way to being a single parent – so he will appreciate and be grateful for good things (like you!) when they come his way.

8. The snacks!

If you are or have been a parent of a toddler too you’ll understand this –  he’ll be organised, prepared for anything and will always have snacks 🙂 

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee that ALL single dads will be this awesome, sadly! But we do know there are tons of amazing single dads over on Frolo Dating, so head over if you’d like to date one of them 🙂 

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