Everything you need to know about Frolo Dating!

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What is Frolo Dating?

Frolo Dating is a safe, empowering and respectful dating experience just for single parents where you know from day one that everyone has the same shared importance of family and gets it.

What’s different about Frolo Dating?

Well a few things actually!

  1. Frolo Dating is the world’s first user verified single parent dating app, so you know that everyone you engage with is who they say they are. 
  2. We have a set of dating values in place that everyone has to get on board with to ensure that Frolo Dating is a respectful dating experience.
  3. We also have a clever (well we think so!) no ghosting feature which will follow on soon after full launch.
  4. And of course, everyone on the app will be a single parent so your kids will never be seen as ‘baggage’.

How does it work?

You can access Frolo Dating through the existing Frolo app. When you log in you can choose between two modes, Frolo Community and Frolo Dating. It will look something like this:

When is it live?

Frolo Dating is currently live in most of the southern half of England, with plans to roll out to the rest of the UK and Ireland soon.

If you live in an area where we have not yet gone live, you can still sign up as a Founding Member, join our waiting list and get 1 month free as soon as the app goes live in your area.

Why has Frolo Dating not gone live across the whole of the UK and Ireland yet?

Frolo Dating will launch all across the UK and Ireland, however we are launching using a localised approach ensuring the best possible Frolo Dating experience for you from the get go.

That means we are going to make sure we have the optimal numbers of Frolo Daters signed up in each area before we switch that area on.

If you live in an area where we have not yet gone live, you can still sign up as a Founding Member, join our waiting list and get 1 month free as soon as the app goes live in your area.

When will it launch in my local area?

Basically, the sooner we build up the waiting list in each area, the sooner we go live. If you’re up for helping spread the word in your local area (and we would love your help!) to get Frolo Dating live simply email support@frolo.co.uk and we’ll get a nifty little promo pack over to you to help get the word out.

What if I live in a remote area?

All remote areas will be part of a larger geographical area and the distance filters on Frolo Dating go up to 250km – which you can use if you’re open to longer-distance matches. Also you can enter the postcode of your nearest big town as your location setting for maximum impact. 

I’m not sure whether Frolo Dating is live in my area… How do I find out?

If you’ve already signed up as a Founding Member, just go to the app and toggle over to Frolo Dating where you’ll be able to see whether the app is activated in your area.

If you haven’t yet registered, simply do so now and you’ll be able to see whether Frolo Dating is already live where you are.

What if I don’t want to use the dating function in the Frolo app?

No problem – just continue to use the Frolo Community as normal. Frolo Dating is a completely separate mode on the app so it won’t impact the way you use the Frolo Community. 

Who can join?

Frolo Dating is open to everyone, as long as you are a single parent.

Want to share Frolo Dating with your friends? Just share this link which will take them straight to the Frolo app. 

How much does it cost?

£9.99 a month but you can get a discounted subscription when you opt in for 3 months (£19.99) or 6 months (£35.99).

And don’t forget you can get one month free if you sign up as a Founding Member. 

When do I have to pay?

Founding Members who come and activate their accounts on the day of launch will get ONE FULL MONTH FREE. If you miss the day, don’t worry, you’ll still qualify for two weeks free if you activate in the first 30 days, which is double the standard free trial period of 1 week.

If you’re not a Founding Member, you get one week free to try out Frolo Dating and you’ll start paying at the end of your free trial.

The regular price is £9.99 a month, but there are discounts available when you sign up for three or six months.

What if I’m not sure whether I’m ready for dating?

The Frolo community is here to support you all the way through the single parent journey – whether that includes dating or not.

If you’re feeling a bit nervous about stepping back into the world of romance, remember these three things

  • There is no ‘right’ time other than when you are ready 
  • You are braver than you think 
  • You are not alone – we have got your back!

For more single parent dating advice read our blog How to Take the Stress out of Dating as a Single Parent

And if you have any more questions about Frolo Dating, user verification or anything else – just send them our way – support@frolo.co.uk