11 Apps For Single Parents Who Want An Easy Life

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Being a single or solo parent means that life admin is all down to you, so how do you stay on top of everything from finances to meal planning and still find time for yourself? We’ve asked the Frolo community and picked out 11 apps to help you thrive.

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From co-parenting to money management, and some social support to make it all that much easier, these single-parent-friendly apps will make life just that little bit slicker.

Best Apps For Single Parents


We could hardly start a post about single parent apps on our own blog without giving ourselves a mention could we? Frolo is a completely free single parent community app created to help you connect with other single parents for friendship, support and advice. Download Frolo now.


The amicable co-parenting app is a one of its kind, created by single parents for single parents. It’s designed to take the stress out of co-parenting, so offers a shared calendar, a space for shared parenting goals and access to coaching support for when you need a bit of impartial advice or support.

Plate Up

More than just a meal planning app, Plate Up lets you add meals to your plan for the week and then automatically adds all of the ingredients to an online shop for you. Plate Up boasts it can do your weekly food shop in just five minutes.


Ever look down while you’re cooking and realise it’s probably at least a month since you cleaned the kitchen floor? There are loads of apps to help you manage housework, but we like OurHome as it’s tailored to families. OurHome involves the children, assigning them tasks and incentivising them to complete them through a points system.


Emma is a brilliant money management app that helps you manage day to day finances and think too about long term financials goals. Avoid your overdraft, cancel unwanted subscriptions and stay in control of your cash.

How To Meet Single Parents In Your Area


If you love journaling but never have the time to sit down with a pen and paper, try audio journaling using an app like Otter. Yasmine Cheyenne is a self healing advocate and recommends Otter for journaling when you’re short of time or just want the flexibility to speak and see where it takes you.


Sick of having multiple calendars for work, family, childcare, friends and co-parenting? TimeTree could be the answer. As well as shared calendars, it also has space for shopping lists, to-do lists, plans and goals.

Salter Cook

Ever found the perfect pasta recipe online – the one all the kids ate without complaining – and then not been able to find it again next time around? Import all of your favourite online recipes into one place with the Salter Cook app and create your very own personalised, virtual cookbook.


Do you ever get to a certain time of the month and wonder why you want to stab everyone with a fork, only to have the dawning moment of realisation the next day when your period arrives? Feel more in control of your cycle and your moods and learn to plan tasks around your cycle with a period tracking app like Clue.


If you run your own business then we absolutely love QuickBooks for managing your business finances. Think Tinder but for cash – swipe transactions left or right to allocate them as business or personal, track mileage and compile information for tax returns in no time at all.


One thing that’s absolutely key to staying on top of single parent life is taking care of yourself. Headspace can help with this. Headspace offers guided mediations, stress and mindfulness resources and soundtracks designed to help you sleep.

Bonus Entry!

Frolo Dating

We know we've already included Frolo, but this is your reminder that your favourite single parent app also has a Dating mode, where you can connect with other single parents looking to date. Your next love story starts here.

We hope that’s given you some ideas! If you have any single parent app suggestions to add, come and let us know on Instagram.

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