Can Single Parents Be Happy?

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We all deserve to live a life filled with joy, in pursuit of happiness. But can single parents be happy? The happiness of any group is a complex topic. While some may assume that single parents are less happy, there is actually evidence to the contrary. Research and personal accounts suggest that single parents can indeed find happiness and fulfilment in their role. 

happy single dad with his daughter
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Can single parents be happy?

In short, yes. Of course they can! Frolo’s founder Zoë Desmond is the co-author of the book How To Be A Happy Single Parent, and a firm believer that single parenthood can be one of the most joy-filled ways to live life. You’ll find thousands of single parents on the Frolo app who are living fulfilled and happy lives. 

Are Single Parents Happier Than Married Parents?

Contrary to common assumptions, there is evidence to suggest that single parents can experience happiness and fulfilment. Personal accounts of single parents express immense joy and pride in raising their children on their own. (Read this article from single parents on why they’ve never been happier.)  Additionally, studies suggest that children in single parent homes are no less happy than those in two-parent households, and as we all know, happy children make for happy parents, and vice versa! 

Can Children of Single Parents Be Happy?

Research indicates that children raised by single parents can be just as happy as those living with two parents. The study by NatCen Social Research found that family composition has "no significant effect" on the happiness of children, and that the quality of relationships at home is the most crucial factor for a child's well-being. So working on your relationship with your child, regardless of your single status, is the best way to ensure your kids are as happy as possible. 

How Can Single Parents Be Happy?

Single parents can find happiness and contentment in various ways. Building a strong support network, pursuing personal interests, and seeking help when needed are important factors in promoting happiness for single parents. Single parents can find connection via the Frolo app and feel supported and less alone. Remembering that you have an identity outside of parenthood is also important for single parents to feel happy. One way to find yourself outside of parenthood is by dating. Check out the Frolo Dating App to meet like minded single parents looking for love. 

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One last thing on this. Remember that we’re frequently told what we need to be happy, but there are millions of different versions of what happiness actually looks and feels like. Give yourself permission to write your own rules when it comes to finding happiness, and you might just get there quicker than you think. 

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