Cost of Living: Budget-Friendly Half Term Fun

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A budget friendly half term doesn't equate to half the fun. Fact.

So, here’s Frolo’s 7 wholesome things to do this half term on a limited budget.  Remember, what our kids often value the most are the memories made and quality time spent together! They’ll recount stories of how funny they found it when you got lost, got stuck in the mud or forgot to pack underwear.

Cost of Living Half Term fun for single parent families

1. Set up camp from your own home

Beat the budget, with no pitching fees to worry about! Work with the space you’ve got. Set up camp in your own back garden/ balcony/ living room. For extra parent points, create a cool theme based on your child's current interests. And of course...midnight snacks.

2. Cruise. But make it local.

Buoy, there's loads of options! Go old school and hop on a peddalow, take a clipper across the Thames, check out the Hoverboats that cross over to The Isle of Wight, or for those seeking maximum adventure - grab a kayak.

3. Have a budget friendly 'Yes Half Term'

This one comes with a warning as it's for the super brave! Inspired by the movie 'Yes Day'. Watch trailer (or the whole movie) for inspiration here. Send us pictures if you survive.

4. Art Gallery

Soak in the rich colours, shapes and sizes. It’s great for budding artists of all age ranges from babies to teens. Also a good solution for when it’s too wet for anything outdoorsy! Many galleries will have free entry. Look our for resources, activities and exhibitions for kids.

5. A day at the museum

Museums are also  full of insights and learnings. Perfect for those with curious minds! Make a whole day of it. With that budget in mind, bring along your packed lunch, and a couple of treats and you are set for the day.

6. Get set. Bake

Channel your inner Mary Berry and get baking. Despite the mess, you’ll also get tasty treats at the end of it. Get them used to measuring out quantities as well as following instructions step-by-step, it’s also an undercover way to teach them a spot of maths and comprehension. Check-out subscriptions such as Craft and Crumb or pick up a kit from the supermarket.  

7. Attend a Frolo Meetup

Attend a Frolo Meetup. From local meetups at the playground to bigger meetups in the city, it’s a great way to meet fellow frolos that get it. They will understand the single parent struggle, and the need to keep costs low. Swap tip and tricks and get inspired to set up your own Frolo Meetup. Pluck up the courage and organise one and we’ll promote it for you!

We’re always looking for great things to do with the kids, especially budget friendly ideas. Do share them on our feed. If you do try any of our top tips, we’d love to see pictures! Tag us on our socials for a chance to be featured on our feed. Also, for more on finance, take a look at our Frolo Financials blog posts here and join the Frolo Financials Group Chat on our app.