Dating How-To: Create Stand Out Dating Profile Pictures 

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Hey Saturday Founder, Saskia Nelson, shares her top tips on how to create stand out dating profile pictures.

Saskia, founder of Hey Saturday

Done well, stand out dating app profile pictures can be your secret dating super power, even helping you connect more meaningfully and more quickly with potential matches on dating apps such as Frolo Dating.

Ideally, you want your dating profile pictures to show potential matches what you look like, but you also want to give them a whistle-stop tour of your life, lifestyle, passions and vibe. At a glance, matches could learn something meaningful about who you are from your dating profile pictures.

So, let's delve into the simple steps can you do to create those stand our dating profile pictures

Showcase what you look like and stand out in your dating profile pictures

To do this, you need to include two types of dating profile pictures:

The happy headshot

The Happy Headshot

Choose a photo that shows you looking natural, relaxed and happy. A good quality close up of your head and shoulders works wonders and to really make your leading headshot stand out – include red in the photo. Either wear something red or create a photo with some bold red in the background – for example a brightly painted shop door or colourful wall. Red is the most eye-catching colour on the spectrum and people are naturally drawn to it.

Tips to help you prepare:

Check your self-talk – before the shoot, get your head in the right space so that when you’re in front of the lens, you're feeling good about yourself. Change up self-criticism for positive affirmations.

Look after yourself – eat well, exercise, moisturise your skin, perhaps get a haircut in the lead up to your shoot to help build on your positive self-talk.

Relax and have a laugh with whoever is snapping your picture. Your photos will be more relaxed, natural and fun. Plus you’ll enjoy yourself more.

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The fabulous full body shot

The full body shot

All stand out dating profile pictures need to include one full body shot picture. People like to get an overall idea of what you look like. This is part of building people’s trust in you and your profile so do make sure to include it. You only need one of these as the rest of the photos will focus more on showcasing your face and your personality.

Tips to help you prepare:

Chose your favourite outfit and shoes. You won’t have many opportunities to show off your footwear, so this is your chance ☺

Showcase what you’re about

The playful personality shot(s)

Playful personality shot

A personality shot adds value to your dating profile. This is an opportunity to show people something meaningful about you that will, hopefully pique their interest and encourage people to get in touch to find out more.

It can be simple. Hold your yoga mat or your favourite book. Perhaps they love that book too or it’s on their reading list. It gives them a natural opening to connect with you and ask about it.

Perhaps you’re creative. You play the guitar or enjoy sketching. Bring along any props that help showcase your passions or interests.

Back to that yoga mat for a minute. The bolder you are in your photos, the better received they’ll be. If you feel comfortable enough, actually going through some yoga postures in front of the lens, wow, those photos will really shine. Being captured in flow on camera, doing something you love, helps create stunning photos.

Tips to help you prepare:

Ask yourself what makes you stand out from others - what are your passions and interests? What props can you include in your photos to signal what you’re into and what you’re about? A bike, your dog, boxing gloves, an iPad, a coffee mug are all popular props people include in their photos to help tell their story.

Plan your outfits – include a wide variety of outfits to show the different sides of your personality. Some examples include a smart look, a hot first-date outfit, a Sunday brunch date outfit, an exercise outfit etc

Aim to include a couple of these photos to your dating profile, if you can.

Bonus but stand out dating profile picture

The intriguing ‘talking point’ photo

talking point shot, standout profile picture

The ‘talking point’ photo is very similar to your personality shot. But with this shot you’re aiming to intrigue, surprise or delight people. The goal is to capture their interest and make it easy for them to message you with a question or comment. Do you have an unusual interest? We’ve had clients play the banjo, skateboarding in a dress, doing some martial arts with a stick or just dancing in the street. Or do you have a party trick? Maybe you can stand on your head or similar?

Tips to help you prepare:

Stuck for inspiration? Perhaps think about what you love, that others might love too. How about a photo of you enjoying a delicious, but ridiculously large ice cream sundae the size of your head? That photo will probably make people laugh and want to message you.

Standout dating profile picture

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Saskia Nelson is the founder of Hey Saturday, the dating app photo agency that specialises in creating gorgeous, show-stopping dating app profile photos equipping clients to take their online impact to the next level.

Want to find out more about creating stand out dating profile pictures, head to her mini podcast series, Shoot Your Shot. A killer profile photo doesn’t just show people what you look like, it tells them what you’re made of. Connect with Saskia on Instagram: AND do stay tuned as Saskia will be taking over our Frolo_dating stories on 17th November. Finally, for more dating advice, head over to our blog here.