FREE Eedi maths summer school for frolos

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Could your kids use some extra maths help over the summer? We’ve teamed up with maths experts Eedi to offer a completely FREE online maths summer school for kids!

free maths summer school

We’d like to introduce you to Eedi Summer Club – a personalised maths summer program that will help to boost your child’s confidence in maths so it’s sky high for the new school year. Our partners, Eedi, are giving it to all frolos 100% free of charge

How Eedi Summer Club works

  1. Your child will start with a 10-minute level booster quiz so Eedi can recommend the right topics and difficulty for your child
  2. Your child will brush up on their recommended topics each week. Eedi recommends at least 1 session per week which is around 30 min ‍
  3. Your child will get unlimited access to self-paced lessons and live chat support with experienced teachers over the holidays just 1 click away
  4. Eedi will hold weekly competitions with to boost motivation and engagement – from who’s given the most thoughtful explanation to a problem to what team has the highest amount of streak points

How to sign up

Join on this unique  Frolo link to get Eedi Summer Club 100% free of charge

There’ll be a team component for some competitions during Eedi, so if you want to invite friends to join you then feel free to share the link with them too.

Key dates

Signup deadline: June 14th (Get Eedi Summer Club for free until this date)

Summer Club Starts: July 5th

Summer Club Ends: August 23rd

We hope your child enjoys having fun learning maths with Eedi Summer Club!