Frolo’s Ultimate Home Learning Resources List

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Frolos share their tips on keeping kids’ brains engaged at home

School’s out for… the foreseeable.

For those of us who dread doing maths homework more than our kids do, indefinite home educating is an intimidating prospect.

But don’t panic. Frolos have come to the rescue with a list of fun and engaging online resources you can use to keep your kids curious, stimulated, and occupied while we’re all stuck at home.


  • It’s early days. Your kids are still adjusting to being at home and so are you. You can’t become a teacher overnight so ease into it and cut yourself some slack
  • There are lots of different ways to learn. You don’t have to stick to worksheets and spelling – as long as your child’s mind is engaged and they’re learning something new, you’re doing great
  • Routine can help – here’s a timetable you can use for inspiration
  • There’s a whole community of frolos in the same boat. Reach out on the app if you need advice, more ideas, or even just some solidarity

Free resources

Youtube channels

  • Crash Course kids – biweekly science shows for primary school aged kids
  • Joe Wicks is running a PE lesson every weekday at 9am on his channel
  • Science Channel – engaging science videos for older kids
  • SciShow Kids – every Tuesday and Thursday, Jessi and her robot rat Squeaks answer your science questions
  • National Geographic Kids – videos designed to help kids learn about the world around them
  • TheBrainScoop – interesting videos about everything natural history-related
  • SciShow – videos answering weird and wonderful science questions
  • Kids Learning Tube – helping kids learn through music and animation
  • Geek Gurl Diaries – perfect for kids (especially girls) interested in computer science
  • SoulPancake – inspiring videos about what it means to be human

Paid-for resources

  • Brainpop – engaging videos and quizzes on everything from science and coding to languages
  • Curiosity Stream – documentary streaming service
  • Outschool – live online classes for ages 3-18
  • Creativebug – arts and craft workshops
  • Reading Eggs – games to help kids learn to read
  • EdPlace – exam revision website covering SATs, 11+ and GCSEs
  • Mathletics – curriculum-aligned maths lessons
  • Tassomai – targeted daily learning plans
  • Memrise – language learning platform
  • Beast Academy – online maths courses for 8-13 year olds
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