Hot Dad Summer! Dating Single Dads is Cooler Than Ever

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Thought that dating a dad was a red flag? Think again. Whether you’re a single mum thinking about dating a fellow single parent, or a single dad looking for love, a new survey has suggested that single dads are in high demand! 

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The dating landscape is constantly evolving, and recent survey results from have revealed a surprising shift. While there has been some stigma attached to single dads in the dating game in the past, the survey showed that 60% of single women are open to dating single dads. And where better to find one (or date as one!) than the Frolo Dating App, the first and safest user-verified app for single parent dating. 

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Dating Single Dads

It is thought that the survey may indicate that women are less willing to tolerate indecisiveness, uncertainty, and immaturity. Singles are seeking stability and are drawn to the maturity and responsibility that often accompany single fathers and single parents in general. The data from the survey supports this shift, revealing that 75% of respondents reported that a match having a child from a previous relationship would have little to no impact on their interest in dating them.

No More Commitment Phobia

One of the key reasons that single mothers and fathers are preferred by 62% of respondents is their perceived stronger commitment to family, friends, and loved ones. This resonates with those seeking meaningful connections and stability rather than games and casual situationships. 

If you're considering dating a single dad, it's important to approach the relationship with patience and flexibility. Understand that they may have more responsibilities than a partner without children, and be supportive of their parenting commitments. As the relationship progresses, make an effort to get to know their children and integrate them naturally into your life. Remember, it's a journey that takes time. Of course, if you’re also a single parent, you’ll just get all of this starting out. This is where dating on the Frolo Dating App comes into its own. 

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What About The Ex?

Co-parenting often involves some level of involvement from the ex, and it's essential to be comfortable with this dynamic. Clear communication and setting boundaries, if necessary, can help navigate any concerns. While family is important, it's equally vital to prioritise quality time as a couple. Schedule dates and activities that allow you to connect without distractions. This dedicated time strengthens the bond between you and your partner.

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