How to Find and Grow Your Single Parent Community in Your Area

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Frolo has been going strong in the UK and Ireland for several years now, but only launched in the US, Canada and Australia in 2023. If you’re from one of these new areas and are keen to help grow the Frolo community near you, you’ve come to the right place!

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We’ve got FIVE easy ways to help you reach the single parents in your local area, so get stuck in and see how many you can do. The more people that we can reach, the richer your single parent experience will be.

How To Grow Your Single Parent Community

1. Spread the word!

This one is easy - all you have to do is start telling people about Frolo and what a cool community and app for single parents it is! This could be a simple chat at the school gates, or you could send our digital flyer to your parenting groups on WhatsApp, Facebook or wherever you hang out. You could send it to your school or nursery too for them to distribute. The more places your send it to, the more likely someone who knows a single parent will see it, and this is how the good word spreads. 

2. Put up a poster

Print out this Frolo poster and put it up in your local cafes, supermarkets, doctors surgeries and kids centres. Loads of people connect online nowadays but there are still plenty of people who love to browse a noticeboard!

review of frolo app

3. Share Frolo on social media

We’ve put together some images to make it easy for you to share news of Frolo on your social media channels. Please tag us if you share on Instagram - @frolo_app - and we can reshare. You can include this link for people to download the Frolo app directly.

4. Share your Frolo profile

You may have spotted already that your profile has its own unique link - we call this the ‘Find me on Frolo’ feature. It means that you can share the link directly to your profile with friends outside of the app, making it much simpler for them to connect with you. Just send the link to other single parents you know outside of Frolo to make it easy for them to connect with you directly on Frolo, which is a lovely way to welcome someone new onto the app. 

5. Create a Group Chat or Meetup

Two other very cool features on the Frolo app are Meetups and Group Chats. A Group Chat is very easy to set up, and could be for a particular area of interest or, more relevant in this case, a location specific group. Share your Group Chat on the Frolo Feed and with friends outside the app to let people know about it. If you want to meet local single parents face to face or online then why not set up a Meetup? These can be Virtual or you could arrange a hangout at a local park, play centre or cafe, and it’s an amazing way to start forming meaningful connections and friendships.

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Want to become an official Frolo Ambassador in your area?

We’d love to hear from you! Please complete this short form to tell us a bit more about you and how you can help and one of the Frolo team will be in touch.

A updated version of Frolo is now available for the best possible app experience, with features on that include enhanced discovery settings, 'Find me on Frolo' and the ability to share meetups and group chats outside the app, plus the ability to post anonymously on Community and to see all your likes in one place with unlimited likes on Dating mode.

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