Introducing The Anti-Ghosting Frolo Dating App Update

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How do you avoid getting ghosted on a dating app? The fact is, it’s hard! But Frolo Dating, the first user-verified dating app just for single parents, is making it easier for people to enjoy a ghosting-free experience with its latest update. So how does it work? 

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From life getting in the way to just plain old bad manners, there can be dozens of reasons for people to trail off when they’re chatting to someone new on a dating app. But no matter what, it never feels good to be ghosted. When we created Frolo Dating, we knew that creating an environment where people can feel better about themselves, not worse, was imperative. And our anti-ghosting dating update will make that easier than ever. 

What Does Being ‘Ghosted’ Mean?

Ghosting on dating apps refers to abruptly cutting off contact with someone without explanation. It involves ending all communication, such as unmatching profiles, unanswered messages, and avoided calls. Ghosting can leave the person being ghosted feeling concerned, resentful, angry, or confused. People often ghost for their own reasons like not feeling a connection or lacking the courage to communicate honestly, but this often leaves the person they were talking to feeling hurt or confused. 

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What Are Some Common Reasons For Ghosting?

Some common reasons for ghosting on dating apps include the ease of ending a relationship without confrontation, the abundance of options online leading to moving on quickly, and the culture of disposability that can be fostered by online dating. We wanted to make sure that this wasn’t the case at Frolo Dating.

What Are Some Signs You’re Being Ghosted?

Some signs that someone is about to ghost you on dating apps include them seeming unbothered by you, showing disinterest through distant behaviour, lack of contact, and delayed responses. They may avoid meeting up or frequently cancel plans without rescheduling. Their texts become half-hearted, with delayed responses or one-word answers indicating waning interest. They might go quiet on social media, such as unmatching on dating apps or reducing interactions with you and your contacts. 

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How Does Frolo’s Anti-Ghosting Feature Work?

When you match with someone on Frolo Dating and have a conversation, after a couple of days without either party responding, the person whose turn it is to send a message will receive a pop-up. The message will say ‘nobody likes to be left hanging, let Sara know why you haven’t messaged back yet’. Because we know how busy single parents are, we’ve made this process as simple as possible.

There will be a selection of messages to choose from to make life easier. These will include options such as ‘I’m having a really busy week, but I’ll message you soon’ or ‘I’ve found a connection with someone else but I’ve really enjoyed chatting with you and I wish you the best of luck’. We will continue to develop these options based on feedback, but we hope that having a range of friendly, no-conflict options will encourage people to communicate clearly and avoid anyone being left feeling like they’re not good enough. 

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Why Have We Introduced The Frolo Dating Anti-Ghosting Feature?

We believe this will provide our Frolo Daters with the kindest, most mindful dating experience that there is online, in a world where ghosting has become a way too common experience for many. There are often good reasons for letting dating communication slip (especially for single parents!) so we want to make it as easy as possible for all our Frolos to treat each other with kindness and respect so they can have the most positive environment to put themselves out there in. 

We want single parents to have the confidence to date with ease, and nothing can knock your confidence when you’re getting back into dating faster than being ghosted, so we are hoping to minimise the chances of that happening. 

Frolo Community For All

We’d love to know what you think and how you’re getting on - tell us on the Frolo app or get in touch with us on Instagram to share your feedback. And if you are dating and want some support or to talk about how it’s going, you’ll find it in the Frolo Dating Advice & Support Chat Group on the app. 

Everything You Need To Know About Frolo Dating 

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