Is There A Single Parent Allowance In The UK & Ireland?

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One of the biggest challenges facing single parents is how to survive economically as a lone-parent family. One of the first questions for many single parents is whether there is a specific allowance or financial support available to help them provide for their children. Let’s explore the concept of single parent allowance, its availability in the UK and Ireland, the entitlement amount, and other financial support options to assist single parents in managing their household expenses, and making things work as a single parent family.

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What is Single Parent Allowance?

Single parent allowance, also known as lone parent payment, is a form of financial assistance provided by the government to support individuals who are raising children on their own. This allowance is designed to help single parents meet the costs of raising their children, including expenses related to housing, childcare, and daily living. This is allowance takes different forms depending on where you live. 

Is There Single Parent Allowance in the UK?

In the United Kingdom, the term ‘single parent allowance’ is not commonly used. In fact, there are not many state-provided financial support options specifically designed for single parents. However, eligible single parents may be in receipt of a benefit called Income Support, which provides financial help to people who are on a low income or not working. This is no longer available for new applicants, however, but if you are a new single parent seeking support, you maybe eligible for an alternative to a single parent allowance via the Universal Credit system. 

How Much Am I Entitled To?

The amount of financial support a single parent is entitled to receive in the UK depends on various factors such as their income, savings, and personal situation. Income Support payments for single parents may include additional elements such as a lone parent premium and child allowances. The specific amount can vary and is subject to regular review by the government. Again, new applicants will need to apply for support via the new Universal Credit system. 

Is There Single Parent Allowance in Ireland?

In Ireland, single parents can apply for a social welfare payment known as "One-Parent Family Payment." This payment is intended to provide support to individuals who are parenting alone. It is means-tested and is based on the parent's income and the number of children they are responsible for. The One-Parent Family Payment aims to assist with the costs of raising children and managing household expenses.

What Other Financial Support Is There?

In addition to single parent allowances, both the UK and Ireland offer various other forms of financial support to assist single parents. These may include child benefit, housing assistance, back-to-work schemes, and childcare subsidies. Child benefit is a universal payment made to families with children, while housing assistance programs aim to help with accommodation costs. Back-to-work schemes provide support for single parents returning to employment, and childcare subsidies can help cover the cost of childcare services. Read our guide to financial support for single parents here, and check out our single parents resources list

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