My Mum, Your Dad: Love Island For Single Parents Is Coming!

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As every single parent knows, being brave enough to look for love as a single mum or dad is hard enough, but actually finding it? That can feel impossible! If you’re just thinking about dipping your toe in, this brand new reality TV show, dubbed ‘Love Island for single parents’, might whet your appetite…

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Love Island For Single Parents: My Mum, Your Dad

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Looking for a new reality TV fix for those evenings home alone once the kids are in bed? Here’s everything we know so far about My Mum, Your Dad

Is there a Love Island for Single Parents?

Yes, there is a Love Island for single parents called "My Mum, Your Dad". 

What's the show about and who will be on it?

The show's name is "My Mum, Your Dad" and it features middle-aged single parents who are looking for love. The show is hosted by Davina McCall, and the cast has been revealed ahead of the show's launch this month on ITV1 and ITVX. 

When does it start?

"My Mum, Your Dad" starts on September 11th at 9pm.

What channel is My Mum, Your Dad on?

"My Mum, Your Dad" is on ITV1 and ITVX.

What do we know so far about this new single parent Love Island?

"My Mum, Your Dad" is a dating show for single parents who are looking for love. The show takes place in a luxury retreat, where all the parents have been nominated by their children as contestants. The twist is that the children who nominated their parents as contestants will be watching the show unfold nearby and will even get a chance to act as matchmakers. The show is a grown-up iteration of a series in the dating genre that, thus far, has largely been aimed at, and starring younger viewers and participants. Unlike Love Island, there are no eliminations or voting out, and the children decide when it's time for their parents to leave. The show is set to be a relationship show with a difference, following the emotional and potentially inspiring journeys of single parents looking to find love again.

Who is the Host of My Mum, Your Dad?

Davina McCall, the host of "My Mum, Your Dad," has expressed her excitement about the show, saying that it is a "dream come true" to make unlucky-in-love parents happy.  She hopes that the show is something that kids can watch with their family, and that viewers will have a bit of a laugh and a cry. Davina wanted to see mid-lifers represented in terms of dating, because of the second time round thing that often happens in your forties and fifties. She believes that people who have lost someone or have gone through life unsuccessfully time and time again, who are scarred, deserve to find love and spend the rest of their lives with somebody.

Hear, hear, Davina! 

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