Resources and Support For Single Parents

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This is the resources list from How To Be A Happy Single Parent by Rebecca Cox & Zoë Desmond


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- Child Maintenance Service:     

- NHS Advice for single parents:

- Only Mums and Dads, for legal support: 

- Family Separation Hub, separation support:

- What About Aruna videos. Videos for separating parents: 

- Parenting through separation guide: 

- Cafcass Parenting Plan:

- Citizens Advice:

- Advice Now Guides. Free resources that provide information about all aspects of separating and parenting:

- Gingerbread. UK Single Parent Charity:     

- One Parent Families Scotland, Scotland Single Parent Charity:     

- Asian Single Parents Network:     

- Single Parents Well-being, Wales:

- Parenting Apart Programme: 

- Single Parent Rights Campaign:

- Working Families. The UK’s national charity for working parents and carers:

- Surrogacy for single dads:     

- Widowed and Young:     

- Amicable. For divorcing parents:     

- Refuge. Domestic abuse charity: 


- One Family Ireland. Single parent charity:     

- Citizen’s Information for Parenting Alone:


- Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF):     

- Child Care Tax Credit:     

- Solo Mothers by Choice:     

- Jenny Lisk. For widowed parents:     

- Single Parent Project. Single parent charity:

- HOPE, Inc. Single parent charity for those on low incomes: 

- Financial aid resources sheet for single parents: 


- Australian government child support:

- Council of Single Mothers and Their Children: 

- Parents Beyond Breakup:     

- Solo Mums by Choice:

- First Light. For widowed parents:     

New Zealand     

- New Zealand government child support:     

- Mums4Mums. Supporting new mums:

- Birthright. Single-parent charity: