9 Single Parent Dating Resources For Dating Sunday

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It’s the busiest day of the year on the dating apps! But what do you need to know before putting yourself out there? If you’re a single parent thinking about getting back on the dating scene, read our guide to what to think about before looking for love.

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What is Dating Sunday?

Dating Sunday, the first Sunday of the month, is officially the busiest day of the year on the dating apps. To get you started, we've pulled together some of our best dating knowledge from the Frolo blog, dating related Meetups and Group Chats from the Frolo community.

The good news is that Dating Sunday isn't a one-off spike, it's a trend that continues until mid-February (can you guess why?) and so there's plenty of time to perfect your profile and build up your confidence. One dating app has even done research that shows that users send over 57 million more likes between New Year and Valentine's Day than the rest of the year. 

If you're thinking of giving online dating a go, NOW is your time and Frolo is here to help. Download Frolo Dating today and get started!

We get that dating can feel scary, especially if it's been a while since you were in a relationship or you've been hurt in the past, but like a lot of scary things, the potential rewards are huge if you're prepared to take a chance on finding happiness. We don't expect you to go it alone. You can find plenty of support in the Frolo community, both from experts and other single parents. 

Find Support Online

The Dating Advice and Support Group Chat is one of our most active groups and there are always plenty of people ready to virtually hold your hand as you get ready for a first date, provide words of encouragement and generally give you a boost. 

Set The Right Intentions

If you want to get clarity around exactly what you're looking for, then join us online on Tuesday 9th January for an intention setting workshop with Kelly Hearn. Figure out what you want, get it down on paper and make it happen!

Have Self-Compassion

Compassion focussed therapist Nathalie Kealy joins us on Monday 8th January at 8pm for a session around self-compassion, which could be perfect for anyone worried about finding dating difficult at first and wanting some practical techniques to manage these feelings.

Relationship Playlist

Our relationships playlist on YouTube has recordings of over 20 of our Expert Meetups, many of which focus on how to get ready for dating, set goals and boundaries and find the relationship you really want. One of our favourites is this session with Julie Kotziamani about how to create a non-traditional romantic relationship to suit YOU.

What To Read

We've had loads of brilliant dating experts and coaches writing for the Frolo blog over the last few years, helping us to build up a fantastic resource with answers to all of your dating questions and concerns. Here's a round up of some of our most popular posts to get you started:

- For starters, you might be wondering if now really is the time, in which case here are 5 clear indications that you're ready to date. If you've been looking for a sign, this is it!

- Worried that you can't trust your own judgement? We hear you. To make sure you stay on the right track we've got six classic red flags to look out for as well as five green flags that could be a sign you're on to a winner!

- If the thought of setting up your profile makes you cringe then have a read of this post from a professional photographer, all about how to take pictures for your profile that will help you stand out and reflect who you really are without making you want to hide under the duvet. Plus we've got 5 common profile mistakes to avoid.

- Been out of the dating game a while? Catch up on everything that's changed since you were last dating, plus we translate 12 modern dating terms that you may not have heard of and certainly don't want to experience.

- And finally... Ready to go one step further? Here are 18 (yes 18!) ways to add a little experimentation into the bedroom. (Or elsewhere...)

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