Single Parent in New Zealand? Here’s What You Need To Know

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Are you a single or sole parent living in New Zealand? Welcome to the Frolo community! Being a lone parent comes with its own set of challenges and entitlements. From financial support to community resources, here's a comprehensive guide to what you need to know if you’re parenting alone in NZ.

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The Frolo Guide to Single Parenting in New Zealand

What am I entitled to as a single parent in NZ?

If you are in New Zealand and 20 years or older and have dependent children under 14 years old, you might be eligible for Sole Parent Support. This support is available for single parents who are not in a relationship and who have dependent children. Find out more here:

How much is the sole parent benefit NZ?

This sole parent benefit, also known as Sole Parent Support, is a form of weekly payment provided by the New Zealand government to support single parents. Around 39,000 sole parent families now have more weekly income to support their children due to recent legislative changes. The most you can receive as payment for Sole Parent Support is $473 per week after tax, and you will need to reapply every year to continue receiving the payment. Visit to see what you might be entitled to.

What percentage of families in New Zealand are single parents?

Approximately 20% of all New Zealand families are single-parent families, according to national statistics. In certain communities across the country, up to one-third of all families are led by one person. The 2013 Statistics New Zealand data shows that there were over 200,000 one parent families with children in occupied private dwellings. New Zealand has the third-highest rate of children living in single-parent homes, with 23.7% of children living in a one-parent household, compared with the 14.9% average across all countries.

How do I meet other single parents in NZ?

Meeting other single parents in New Zealand can be beneficial for both emotional support and practical advice. There are various community resources, support groups, and online platforms that cater to single parents. These can be great places to connect with others who understand the unique challenges of single parenthood. Frolo is a single parent community app where you can build an online profile to connect with others in the same situation as you. You can find other frolos in your area, or share your profile with other like minded single parents near you to start creating your frolo family. 

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Positive parenting in New Zealand

Positive parenting is important for the well-being of children in single-parent households. In New Zealand, there are numerous resources and support networks available to help single parents develop positive parenting strategies and provide a nurturing environment for their children.

Tax considerations for single parents in NZ

As a single parent in New Zealand, there are specific tax considerations to keep in mind. It's important to be aware of any tax credits, deductions, or benefits that you may be eligible for as a single parent. Seeking advice from a tax professional can help ensure that you are maximising your tax benefits and meeting your obligations. Visit to find out more. 

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