The Highs & Lows Of Single Parent Life

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Nothing is all good or all bad, and single parenthood is the same. We’re sick of the story of single parent life being all negative, and so are you! We took to the Frolo Feed to get your thoughts.

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People are well-versed on the hardships and drawbacks of single parent life, we’re told about them all the time! But what about the good bits? To try and bring a bit of balance back to peoples’ views on single parenthood, we asked you to share your highs and lows of single parent life on the Frolo Feed. Here are your answers, can you spot yours in the mix?  

We’re all about celebrating the positives of single parent life, but we appreciate that the lows may crop up from time to time, so we’ve included these too while offering our suggestions and solutions too.

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The Highs Of Single Parent Life

  • Getting double the love!
  • Making a wonderful new life in a fabulous place from scratch which is 100% mine and my children’s.
  • Me and my son now have a wonderful relationship (always did with daughter but son was/ is a daddy’s boy).
  • Not having to live with my ex, and he actually spends time with our child!
  • I love making our own routines and positive memories.
  • Love teaching my kids how to overcome obstacles while standing alone.
  • Hitting rock bottom a few times over made me. It made us. Plus I get to celebrate both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day!
  • I definitely feel like I make the most of the quality time I have with my children.
  • It’s an infinitely better life for me and my children.
  • Living the life I chose with the best people.
  • Chocolate and cake for breakfast…
  • Finding myself/ my own worth after my divorce. Learning to be comfortable in my own company.
  • Feeling happiness in myself rather than in a person or relationship. Seeing my kids happier and not in a conflicting environment. Having a cup of tea by myself is more fulfilling than pining after temporary people giving false hopes. We all deserve so much more, so just be happy and if you find a genuine person to share life’s adventures with then let that be added happiness and not your sole focus
  • Getting full custody of all five kids back from childcare. Getting here involved lots of negatives, but they’re all gone now. I’ll take them all with a smile.

The Lows Of Single Parent Life

  • Feeling like not wanting to be a burden on friends/ family when the days aren’t so easy/ happy.
  • Having to do this on my own without family/ help.
  • The injustice of an abusive ex partner and father of my children who quit his job in order to not pay maintenance, yet still makes demands via court.
  • Missing having date nights and a person who’s got my back.
  • Christmas and birthdays would absolutely destroy me. In hindsight, it’s a blessing that it turned out this way, because now we’re thriving, and we did this on our own.
  • Not having the freedom to pop out, child-free.
  • Being the only one the kids rely on. Never off-duty even now they’re at uni. I feel guilty if I have to say no to them because they don’t have an alternative.
  • Having no one to offer to make me a coffee ever.
  • The loneliness.
  • My little partner in crime isn’t with me everyday (to have chocolate and cake for breakfast).
  • When the kids witness me on my down days.

What We Suggest To Get Through The Lows

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