Single Parent Help: What Are The Best Ways To Help Single Parents?

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You’ll get by with a little help from your frolo friends! What goes around comes around, so whether you’re a single parent needing help, or you’re looking to give some single parent help, this one is for you. It is essential to understand the various forms of support that single parents need and how to provide practical and emotional assistance to them, so let’s get started, shall we?

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Frolo Friends

First thing’s first, feeling less alone is one of the most important parts of enjoying single parenthood. You can connect instantly with others in the same situation with you on the Frolo app. 

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What Help Do Single Parents Need?

Single parents often require support in various aspects of their lives, including practical, emotional, and financial assistance. They may need help with childcare, household responsibilities, and managing their emotional wellbeing. Financial help is available for single parents, and you can find out more about the benefits available on our guide here

How Can We Help Single Parents?

There are several ways to support single parents, including offering practical assistance such as babysitting, school runs, and help with household chores. If you have a new single parent in your life, making them feel seen and supported will be an enormous help. Turn up with dinner or pop round for a cup of tea. Make sure they know you are there for them. Encouraging single parents to seek support from friends, family, and relevant organisations can also be beneficial. Tell them to download the Frolo app to find their single parent crew. 

What Do Single Parents Struggle With the Most?

Single parents often struggle with balancing their responsibilities, feelings of loneliness, and the financial strain of raising a child alone. The emotional impact of becoming a single parent and the lack of a support network can also be significant challenges. Navigating co-parenting arrangements and dealing with the guilt and emotional turmoil associated with the family breakdown are common struggles faced by single parents. If you’re a single parent who has been through it all yourself, speaking about your experiences with new single parents can help. If you’re friends with a single parent, listening to their worries and treating them with kindness and without judgement will help. 

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How Can You Provide Practical Support to Single Parents?

Practical support for single parents can include offering to take care of their children, helping with household chores, or providing assistance in accessing relevant support services. Creating a support network and encouraging the use of available resources can significantly ease the practical burdens faced by single parents. 

How Can You Provide Emotional Help to Single Parents?

Emotional support is crucial for single parents. Listening without judgement, offering reassurance, and encouraging self-care are essential in providing emotional help. Helping single parents connect with support groups, counselling services, or other individuals in similar situations can also be beneficial. Acknowledging their efforts and resilience as single parents is important in boosting their emotional well-being. On the Frolo app single parents can find others in the same situation and get together with them via local or online Meetups. Members of the community have described the app as a real gamechanger. 

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